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Kata Night Plaza

Location: Kata New Road - Kata - Thailand
GPS: 7.8241068,98.2994648

Kata Night Plaza is located from Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi about 1.9 KM.

Kata Night Plaza is the main market contains fairly typical wares, including herbal treatments, t-shirts, bags, souvenirs, swimwear, beach toys and some artworks. The market is not noted for its unique goods or designs, and the prices, while good (particularly if you haggle a bit), are not unusually low. It is also one of the cooler and airier markets in Phuket, so it is making it comfortable for the buyers to explore even on quite a stuffy, humid night.

Kata Night Plaza is a good choice for people who are looking for some good bargains on souvenirs in Kata. So, you should not miss this market.